My Unexpected Story: Unusual Paths to Extraordinary Plexxis Careers

Fate. Sheer luck… or superhero destiny?

From the weird to the wonderful, the Marvel world is chock-full of fabulous stories about how superheroes got their powers. Many of these famous characters began their lives as common men and women, even nerds, before they broke through and transformed into their ultimate champion personas.

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Take characters like UltraBoy (who first emerged as SuperBoy). His name was originally Jo-Nah, a normal guy from the planet Rimbor in the 30th century. One day, while flying through space in a starship, his vessel was swallowed by a “Space Whale.” This encounter with the beast completely changed his physiology, and he emerged transformed. Superhuman strength, speed, flight, and flash vision are among his many superpowers, but the catch is these powers can only be used one at a time.

But what about the origins of our own Plexxis superheroes? Most did not get here by taking a straightforward career path. They may not have been swallowed by a whale, but their stories are unusual, surprising – and serve as inspiring examples.

A philosopher’s dream job

For some, the seed for aspiring to greater things was sown in school – and it was Plexxis that allowed it to flower.

Elizabeth Barton, our deep-thinking Solutions Specialist, began her life as an academic, studying political and ancient philosophy at University.

“I was interested in asking the really big questions: what is good? what is justice? Philosophy was like “the eternal March around the walls of Jericho.” You’re always wanting to get to this final solution answer, but you can never quite get there, says Elizabeth.

“What really inspired me was bringing philosophy down from the heavens (as Cicero would say) back to the earth to be able to address the actual needs of people. I really wanted to be able to take what answers I had to those big questions and try and give them a practical application. I searched hard to find somewhere that would give me that opportunity.

When I read about all the things Plexxis is and does, it struck me immediately. I had to stop what I was doing and find out more about this company. The more I learned and was exposed to the people here, I realized that this was exactly where I could pursue those big questions… and make a real, actual differences in people’s lives.”

A caring attitude that shone through

In some cases, our Plexxis’ superheroes came to us from vastly different careers, via chance encounters where their special powers – and Plexxis “fit” — were unmistakable.

This was certainly the case with Mary Rivera, Accounts Receivable. She transitioned to Plexxis from a career in childcare.

Not the job I was looking for…

How an accountant became a software programmer

For many Plexxis employees, unexpected stories revolve around how they are hired for a job here requiring different skills than on their resume.

This was the case with Kyle Porter, an accounting professional who interviewed initially for a customer service position – but who was ultimately recruited for software development. He’s now a Full Stack JavaScript Developer and has been with Plexxis for more than five years.

“I mean, at first, I looked at, and thought there’s not a chance. I didn’t have a car, It was a 45-minute drive outside the city,” says Kyle. “

But I did the interview, went home, and thought it was okay. It was not a job that I was looking for.

Christmas Eve, I was visiting my parents. I got a phone call and it’s Chris, the Plexxis CEO on the line who says ‘Hey, I looked at your application and we want to get you in to interview again for a software position instead.’

I’m thinking, why do you want me for a software position?  I’ve no experience. I have an accounting background. What am I going to do for you for software?

He told me that Plexxis has a better track record of taking people with accounting backgrounds and teaching them how to develop software than they do taking software developers and teaching them accounting.

I thought, all right, I’ll give it a chance. Years before I had done web design at college but nothing serious. One of my supervisors, Ali, has an accounting background and was their blueprint for pulling someone from accounting and putting them into software.

I sat with Ali for a little while and talked about what that transition was like and decided, yeah, I’ll go for it. Five years later I’ve moved across the country with Plexxis. I love what I do. I think it had it all worked out in the end.”

From chance encounters to focused career searches, a sudden discovery or natural chemistry, there are so many different ways people have come to work at Plexxis.

Happy client who switched sides, lured by “the learning adventure”

The positive and enriching environment at Plexxis can be so appealing that even former clients have jumped ship to join our team.

This was the case with Sanja Milenkovic, our Lead Client Care Specialist, who was a Plexxis software user for many years… until an opportunity came up that she could not refuse.

What will be your unexpected story?

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