Our estimating process is honest conversations on how to be better. #buildTRUTH

The roots of our sales team were born in law enforcement, thus, protecting & serving is a natural extension of our values. We define sales as 'honest conversations on how to be better' so we serve by speaking the 'whole' truth and we protect by exposing toxic tactics.

We're trusted because our actions show that we know the right thing to do, is always the right thing to do.

We choose integrity over profit, mission over self-interest and honest conflict over dishonest harmony.

We seek subcontractors who are a minimum 80% fit with Plexxis workflows and culture.  We determine fit by extending the sales cycle, deep dives and discovery to gain the intelligence needed for conclusive insight.

When prospects fit Plexxis, we present our findings, adoption plan and a GMP (guaranteed maximum price) agreement with a payment plan conditional on milestones and terms that protect subcontractors.

When prospects do not fit Plexxis, we recommend worthy vendors that have demonstrated truthiness.

Our Sales Mission Objectives:

  1. Be early & prepared.
  2. Investigate. Validate. Judge.
  3. Use plain language.
  4. Own mistakes & prevent recurrence.
  5. Relentlessly pursue 80%+ fit prospects and help less fit prospects find best fit partners.
  6. Endorse honest competitors.
  7. Expose those who mislead, deceive and defraud.

If you do choose Plexxis, you will have every promise we make backed up in writing with payments conditional on delivery.

If you do not choose Plexxis, our discovery and review process will still provide process improvement suggestions and insight on what live feedback between bidding, field and finance looks like.

You'll also learn investigative tactics to discern fact from fiction, data from anecdote and truth from partial truth while negotiating lower fees and terms that protect subcontractors.

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