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Fragmentation prevents live visibility and steals labor to complete duplicate work.

Most subcontractors use systems made for generalists. Such systems do not handle the granular needs of subcontractors well, thus forcing subcontractors into a costly network of systems, spreadsheets, file sharing and apps.

Executives with strong employees can sometimes be blind to inefficiencies because the grit and dedication of employees to ‘get the job done’ gives the appearance of efficient workflows.

Despite investment into 3rd party bolt-on systems with poor integration and/or customizations, the added cost and frustrations of fragmentation persist.

Unite team and improve production with live feedback between bidding, field & finance.

End the frustration and inefficiency of generalist systems and having to build and maintain integrations by uniting all departments and enabling live feedback between bidding, field and finance with the Plexxis subcontractor technology stack.

Subcontractors require strong financial control that is embedded with workflow automation that manages the endless non-financial perspectives of VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) job sites.

Plexxis automatically translates the financial and non-financial VUCA information so each user can complete tasks in their perspective while their efforts contribute to every related task. This creates a level of live feedback that provides exceptional visibility, error prevention, process improvement, and even self-improvement.

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