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Fragmented systems, spreadsheets and apps undermine performance and visibility.

Most subcontractors have generalist accounting tools at the center of their tech stack, yet the trades work in VUCA conditions (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous), which require management of endless non-financial details and perspectives.

Unite team and automate workflows to preserve time and outperform.

Plexxis unites the entire team and enables operations to manage all financial and non-financial VUCA conditions (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) while providing live feedback between bidding, field and finance.

Manage materials, tools & equipment with unit of measure intelligence (UOMi) that automatically translates information to fit user perspective. Complete changes in estimating, or on-the-fly through quick bidding tools or through the T&M/field ticket app and automatically update change order logs, budgets and billings accordingly.

Manage all PM documents, budget adjustments, billings, cost and quantity breakouts, trends, cost projections and more with ZERO spreadsheets or 3rd party bolt-on systems.

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