Single source of unfiltered bidding, field and finance data for DIY and BI reporting.

End the frustration of unreliable and laborious DIY and BI reporting with data from disparate and systems & spreadsheets.

The Plexxis Insight data universe contains unfiltered & unaltered data from every department enabling the live feedback between field and finance while creating the deepest data set possible for rich and accurate reporting.

Common Barrier:  It’s laborious for subcontractors to get reliable and timely reports as they pull error prone data from disparate systems and spreadsheets.  This often results projects looking healthy up to 80% – 90% complete, and then the truth comes out and performance plummets.

We break the barrier with a subcontractor specific database, workflows and automated translation devices that convert data to fit each role so companies can eliminate segregated spreadsheets and systems.  This enables reports to be automated from deep raw reliable data that is accessible the moment it is captured.

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