A super app that unites multiple apps and closes integration gaps.

Super apps end the app-fatigue and integration frustrations caused by using multiple, disparate apps. Plexxis has combined all apps in to one, while automating the transfer and translation of data.

The Plexxis Labor App is a super app that enables live feedback between bidding, field and finance while automating workflows for time tracking, employee timecards, crew timecards, roll call, facial recognition verification, supervisor approvals, look backs and production tracking.

Fully integrated foreman apps and online and offline modes ensure all tasks can be completed regardless of internet connection.

Common Barrier: Almost all subcontractors suffer from App fatigue of using 4-10 mobile apps because most apps are designed for limited workflows or were made for GCs and have non-existent or insufficient integrations.

We break the barrier with a super app that combines almost every field workflow into one app that is hyper-converged with operations and accounting so the field can perform their best without interruption.