White-glove, all in service that builds the foundation for implementation.

Preparing and converting your existing data to Plexxis is the crucial first step in ensuring a smooth implementation to Plexxis.

Every member of your Plexxis Project Team must pass through regular certification training that focuses on problem solving, quality control and the proprietary Plexxis Data Conversion Process. Team members are encouraged to question, challenge and identify crucial gaps rather than simply transferring data.

Knowledge gathered through this process is actively transferred to our on-site training team for a unique customer experience. The end-result justifies the time and care required to "get it right the first time."

Beginning with essential listings, payroll defaults, GL codes, forms and reports, our Data Integrity & Conversion team collaboratively reviews all submitted information prior to final import into Plexxis.

With your basic data collected, verified and added to Plexxis, we work through successive phases to build out your full database, including collection, verification, set-up and configuration of key contract, billing and payroll data.

Preliminary, remote training is provided to all your stakeholders prior to the final step of collecting accounting Go-Live data.

Employing a disciplined and highly structured process, coupled with years of direct industry experience, Plexxis delivers tangible value-add:

  • Seamless data transition from old to new system. No "where's my data!?"
  • Our verification process ensures a clean and efficient transfer of data while minimizing errors for significant time savings
  • Up and actually running your business immediately following implementation for minimal loss in productivity
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