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Fragmented systems increase errors while complicating reporting and compliance.

Labor is the most costly part of business yet the fragmentation between all the systems, apps and spreadsheets used to manage payroll and HR makes it difficult to maintain accuracy and compliance.

Fragmented systems also waste significant time with duplicate data entry, fixing errors, managing poor integrations and imports/exports and generating reports with data from separate locations.

Adding to these challenges is the difficulty in protecting sensitive payroll and compensation while providing employees the necessary information to effectively complete tasks, while simultaneously managing union, certified payroll/Davis Bacon rates and remittances.

Unite teams and automate workflows to preserve time and eradicate errors.

End the frustration and inefficiency of fragmentation, and building and maintaining integrations, by uniting all departments with a subcontractor tech stack that enables live feedback between bidding, field and finance.

As all HR and Payroll related details are the same system that provides bidding, operations/field and finance the tools needed to manage employees and production, every error related to fragmentation is eliminated.

Invaluable time is reclaimed and reliable live feedback is obtained enabling process improvement, professional development and elite team cohesion.

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