Face to face subcontractor workflow training that marks the beginning of the lifetime value and partnership.

Intimate and advanced familiarity with your company’s data, forms and business processes, arms your on-site Plexxis Go-Live team with all the tools and knowledge required to create an extraordinary implementation experience.

Unusual in these days of mass rollouts, generic classroom training and “here’s-a-link-to-our-user-manual”, Plexxis experts deliver one-on-one, highly personalized learning experiences while your staff are actually performing their normal work.

Equipped with expertise across our full platform of products, every Plexxis Implementation Expert is skilled in adapting to different learning styles and responding to real-world issues as they arise.

Well in advance of your Plexxis Implementation team arriving at your site, our assigned Project Leader collaborates with your Go-Live Coordinator to confirm attendees, unique requirements and timetable. All training schedule details are communicated personally to each attendee.

Upon arrival at your site, your Plexxis Go-Live Project Leader will review and resolve any last minute details or questions prior to commencing one-on-one and cross training.

We understand that ‘change’ can be stressful and customers wish to speak with people who understand their business and unique challenges.  During the two-week period following on-site training, your Plexxis team remains personally dedicated to closing open or new issues, answering questions and providing additional support.

On the surface, Plexxis builds software to solve business challenges and accelerate growth.  In reality though, our greatest asset are the professionals who implement, train and support… and who take YOUR business success PERSONALLY.

During every Go-Live experience, you will realize tangible benefits through our ‘high-touch’ approach:

  • Dedicated Plexxis Go-Live team who arrive at your site fully versant in your data and business processes
  • Professionals who are trained to adapt and shift while on-site to solve problems and drive through barriers
  • Provision of one-on-one, on-the-job learning to accelerate speed-to-value

Two week dedicated post Go-Live team – the same team who understands your business

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