Construction Management
Software. One Solution. One
Team. 100% for Subcontractors.

Plexxis serves subcontractors who seek elite team cohesion and performance. Coupling cloud construction management software, on-premise and hosted solutions, we unite operations, estimating, accounting and field apps on a single technology stack that enables live feedback between bidding, field and finance while in-house services drive continuous adoption.

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Construction Management
Software. One Solution. One
Team. 100% for Subcontractors

One Solution. One Team.

100% for Subcontractors.

Full-service subcontractor technology and implementation solutions.

Plexxis does not subcontract any service to outside parties. Zero. Nada. We are 100% dedicated to customer value by delivering data conversion, infrastructure, on-site deployment, VIP services, support and constant optimization. We drive elite subcontractor performance through a team who continuously outperforms

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One Solution. One Team.

100% for Subcontractors.

Full-service subcontractor technology and implementation solutions.

Plexxis Construction Management Software

Project management, accounting, estimating and mobile apps on a single tech stack that enables live feedback between bidding, field & finance while eliminating the need to build and maintain integrations.

One Team:

In-house lifetime services for development, DBA, deployment, support & optimization, delivering a 98.4% rate of adoption.

100% for Subcontractors:

All features of our Cloud Construction Management Software are focused on subcontractor workflows aimed at eliminating overages related to customizations for subcontractors and the redirection of fees to R&D for GCs and other industries.

Project lifecycle


Empower your estimators and PMs to create and manage budgets that easily integrate with all Plexxis modules. Accurately estimate and align costs using our WinBid software or import estimates from 3rd party tools. Collaborate between estimators to win more bids, and channel awarded bids directly into your Ops teams so they can hit the ground running.


Analyze production progresss, track committed vs. actual costs, and adjust budgets in response to changing job demands. Plexxis helps you get the best budget, costing, and production data into your system, and then leverages that data to deliver crisp, customizable reports so you can make the best decisions for your business.


Take control of how material and equipment flow through your company. Issue purchase orders directly within Plexxis. Create items directly from budgets with appropriate costing. Simplify order tracking and job costing for both rented and owned equipment. Track all the labor and material that goes into your prefab products.


Stop losing track of paper invoices. With Plexxis, foremen, field supervisors and project managers can all submit contract updates to the head office electronically, giving accounting immediate access to the most up to date contract information. Use this data to easily identify where your company is achieving contract targets, and where you are falling short.


With Estimating, Project Management and Accounting all housed in our unified data platform, your team can review information from across your entire company, all in one place. Plexxis removes the barriers often associated with searching or aggregating data and dramatically improves focus and efficiency.

& HR

Cut through payroll complexity. Plexxis offers payroll solutions specifically tailored to the construction industry, including labor entry from the field, automated multi-state tax calculation, and industry leading Union and Certified Payroll support.


Even under ideal circumstances, sub-contractor financial management is complex, often saddled with unpredictable expenditures, material deliveries, payment obligations, and labor burdens - to name just a few. Plexxis simplifies your accounting, builds confidence in reporting, and enables more successful bidding and overall planning.


Plexxis was designed from the ground up as a complete subcontractor solution, so we understand what documents you need and when you need them. Manage change orders, employee certifications, daily field reports, SDS sheets, RFIs, AIAs, and more. Spend less time finding what you need, and more time getting things done. Rest assured that all saved information is highly secured in Plexxis.


Plexxis Foreman Apps solve communication challenges between the field and the office. Foremen can submit material requests, track production, review employee performance history, generate custom reports, and more. The field has easy access to the information they require when they need it, and the office has confidence in the reliability of figures and facts from the field.


The jobsite is where you make your money, but your field teams do not have time for complex and time-consuming data entry. The Plexxis Labor Apps solve this dilemma, offering a complete Construction Management Software solution for acquiring reliable data from the field, including timelogs, attendance, and safety information - and then routing all data through your accounting, payroll, and operations workflows.


Look beyond what you think you know, until you affirm truth.



Look beyond what you think you know, until you affirm truth.

#buildTRUTH is a movement to normalize over-the-top honesty & transparency in everything we do.

Wherever you find opportunity, you find honest people serving others and dishonest people serving themselves, at the expense of others. #buildTRUTH aims to ensure honesty wins the day.

As construction is ripe with opportunity, toxic tactics targeting subcontractors run rampant. We pledge to protect and serve the industry through truth, transparency, endorsing worthy competitors and exposing toxic tactics.