Complete in-house infrastructure & data protection services.

Never fall victim to failures and data corruption! While natural disasters, human error and accidents are unforeseeable, data loss and business interruption don’t have to stop your business from running smoothly.

The safest option is to have regular, unattended and automatic backups in place that can be used in the event of a failed system to protect and restore your mission critical data with the least amount of data loss.

Plexxis takes the uncertainty out of this entire process. Residing at our own data center, our full-time data protection experts provide industrial-strength security and redundant servers to ensure that your data is available when you need it.

Common Barrier: Traditional disaster recovery scenarios involve careful and time-consuming coordination of several 3rd party and in-house stakeholders and providers.

We break the barrier by offering our own, highly secured, Data Protection & Recovery service - offered exclusively to Plexxis customers.

Our in-house experts possess intimate knowledge of all Plexxis products and database requirements, delivering frictionless service, even in the face of disaster.

Project lifecycle

Plexxis Data Protection & Recovery

End the frustration of having multiple contacts for software and infrastructure while avoiding being stuck in the middle of issue resolutions between multiple vendors. Plexxis Data Protection & Recovery is provided by in-house experts with intimate knowledge of all Plexxis products and database requirements, enabling unparalleled level of service.


Modern backup-and-recovery capabilities keep your business data safe and available 24/7/365. We do the back-ups so you don't have to!


Flexible protection packages tailored to meet the specific requirements of your business


Our data inspection service confirms and verifies your data as it comes in and in the event of any data corruption, it is quickly identified and corrected.


Plexxis ensures that your data is secure and fully retrievable in the event of a loss for any reason.


Plexxis consults and provides you with realistic target restoration times based on flexible package options and system complexity


Plexxis offers a “hot” server option - a backup server that receives regular updates of your most current data and is in a “stand-ready” state to take over immediately in the event of a failover.


Easy deployments is handled entirely by Plexxis so you never have to worry about upgrades to software


Behavior-based detection technology that ensures your system security is rock-solid. As ransomware keeps on innovating and upgrading, our system is capable of detecting and deterring ransomware.


Following restoration of your system, we esure that there are no remaining traces traces of the ransomeware – eliminating further downtime.