This deep project estimating process forms the foundation of our relationship.

Understanding business goals, uncovering challenges and identifying gaps is at the heart of the Plexxis Customer-Focused Discovery process.

Each Plexxis Discovery Associate possesses deep industry knowledge, gained from a combination of conducting hundreds of discovery investigations and/or working various roles in the construction industry

In all cases, he/she has knowledge earned through implementing Plexxis at dozens of customer sites and has first-hand experience in identifying and recognizing opportunities and gaps.

You will experience not only impressive expertise in asking the “right” questions but complete honesty and candor.

The Plexxis Customer-Focused Discovery process is grounded on a simple principle: Respect the value of mutual discovery in the interest of customers extracting the greatest value from Plexxis solutions.

To determine "truth-in-fit", we employ intensive information gathering coupled with real human interaction to determine if we can really move your business forward:

  • Comprehensive discovery questionnaire (on-line survey) designed for multiple stakeholder input
  • Follow-up meeting(s) with functional leaders to expand on mission critical company goals, challenges and gaps
  • Assessment Verification Summary with your company.  Did we understand accurately?

Personal review: Is there a solid fit worthy of mutual investment?

There is simply no substitute for building truth from the outset of every long-term business relationship.

Our Customer-Focused Discovery process aims to uncover your greatest challenges (the really tough stuff) while determining if and how Plexxis can contribute to your business success. The value of this approach delivers benefits from the ground-up:

  • Defines where and when value will be realized
  • Clearly identifies the effort and time required from all parties UP FRONT – no surprises
  • Provides valuable information that directly contributes to a successful implementation (measured by "speed-to-value")

Calls out available process improvement opportunities enabled through Plexxis software

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