100% Created by Plexxis. 100% for Subcontractors.

Common Concern: Subcontractors require their systems, spreadsheets, and apps to communicate with each other seamlessly but the struggle to integrate construction projects, accounting, estimating and production management software remains widespread.

Making this worse, many software vendors “smoke-stack” subcontractors by overselling the effectiveness of the integrations or they acquire other technologies that do not integrate well with their own tech stack.

Solution: Plexxis has solved these problems by moving past integration. We begin with a single, unified platform, 100% designed and created in-house. No “bolt-ons” and no requirement to purchase outside systems, deliver a high-efficiency workflow across all specialty subcontractors’ functions.

We #buildTRUTH into every solution and every process. The solution is simple: Plexxis.

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