Mission critical services that remove obstacles and begin building ROI.

Deep financial experience coupled with extensive knowledge across all Plexxis solutions underpins our Post Go-Live process.

This added layer ensures that no major task has been omitted and that your company has access to Plexxis experts tasked with resolving issues quickly.

Our CPA’s have gained first-hand experience gained through hundreds of client implementations. Their close attention to detail and a “walk-in-your-shoes” attitude contributes to significantly reducing worries typically associated with transition systems.

Of course, day-to-day questions and requests for assistance always arise. The Plexxis team of dedicated Customer Care Experts provide ‘live’ telephone and email support for rapid issue resolution.

During the crucial initial step, your Plexxis Post Go-Live expert works collaboratively with your company’s senior financial team to ensure that all key elements of the implementation are complete and that information transferred from your legacy system to Plexxis has been completed accurately [CPA Validation].

This ‘deep dive’ process includes;

  • Thorough review of initial set-up
  • Validation of transferred data integrity
  • Assurance that ending balance in your legacy system equals the starting balance of your new [Plexxis] system
  • Communication summary of investigation findings and tie-offs

Building confidence and certainty when transitioning to a new system, enhances speed of adoption and ultimately contributes to your company achieving maximum value from your investment.

The Plexxis dedicated CPA Validation and Support teams focus on an accurate ‘out-of-the-gate” start and following up with support that drives sustained growth in adoption;

  • CPA Validation experts with extensive financial knowledge experience will assist in avoiding miss-steps, providing a strong sense of security and building confidence
  • Consistency in your Plexxis Project Team eliminates knowledge gaps and accelerates issue resolution
  • Direct support to ‘real people’ who are dedicated to support, answer questions, track and resolve issues in the shortest possible time
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