Revolutionary Thinking. Relentless Customer Focus.

Our focus has made mosaic the most innovative solution the industry has even seen…and this is only the beginning.
Our mission and core values guide our every step as we continue this journey.

Our Mission

Plexxis designs and delivers fully integrated, intuitive and responsive wall and ceiling management solutions. Inventive design and best practices enable rapid system deployment, supported by our expert team who listen, educate, enhance and create efficiencies. Through relentless focus on lifetime value, our systems shape and lead the progression of the markets in which we compete.

Core Values

Every member of the Plexxis team actively participates in the success of our company. Our positive team spirit is fueled by inspiration, constructive recommendations, compassion and collaboration. We celebrate both team and individual achievements.

We coach in the spirit of constant learning, improvement and individual advancement. We believe that we should contribute to every individual achieving their greatest potential.

We accept personal accountability for accomplishing our business goals and delivering the highest levels of quality in everything we do.

We never settle for “good enough” because “good” is the enemy of great. We never follow. We lead through relentless innovation and an unquenchable thirst to delight, surprise and exceed what is expected.

We build strong, open relationships with all stakeholders – internal and external. We deport ourselves with integrity; maintain high ethical standards, communicate openly and act with honesty and trust in all interactions.

We proudly demonstrate our passion and determination. We’re positive about everything we do and inspire others to share our enthusiasm and optimistic attitude.

We embrace change as the lifeblood of being great. We love to observe, learn, and adapt.