Mission, Meaning, and Making Cool Things. A glimpse into the soul of Plexxis

In the Marvel world, superheroes never give up. There is something deep inside them that drives them, motivates them, and keeps them pressing on to the very last breath.

A glimpse into the soul of Plexxis

What fuels these super beings? It’s this: they live and serve according to a set of high-minded core values. These may vary from hero to hero, but they all embrace: perseverance, integrity, intelligence, strength of character – and loyalty. These values both guide and inspire all their critical “save the world” missions.

With great power comes great responsibility

Spider-Man is one example. At first glance, ordinary Peter Parker doesn’t seem at all like a superhero. Yet he becomes Spiderman, one of the most famous avengers of all, largely through his excellent values. His honesty, his mindset, and his dedication allowed him to redefine himself into this remarkable hero.

At the soul of Plexxis resides equally extraordinary values. Each and every one of our own superheroes, whatever their talents or job descriptions, wholeheartedly embrace them. 

What does this really mean to the people who work here? Let’s find out in their own words:

“Plexxis resonates with my own personal values of hard work and showing up,” says Mike Stade, our Infrastructure Specialist.

Values that resonate personally

At Plexxis, it’s critical that every team member not merely adopt the company values, but actually embrace them in their heart. It is important that these values really resonate with everyone’s own personal credo.

More than specific skills, experience, and talents… we seek those very special people who share our values – and rally around a common purpose.

Our Full Stack JavaScript Developer. Kyle Porter sums this up well:

Values that help you make a difference

Mike Stephens, our Client Care – Leader, talks about the power Plexxis values has to energize and uplift him as he pursues his important client missions. 

“Knowing that there’s going to be a challenge. Knowing that at the end of the day, I’m going to meet that challenge energizes me. Seeing my colleagues and my team members meet their goals and grow personally …And knowing I’m going to make a difference in somebody’s life,” says Mike.

 “I joke about it with my clients, but I, I get to be a superhero on a regular basis. I get to fly in save their day when they’re at their lowest. I’m the helping hand that gets to pull them out of their individual troubles. That energizes me.”

Values written in your own heart 

These days, most companies, large or small, talk about values. It’s a corporate buzz word but the difference at Plexxis is that here they are genuine, actionable and at the very soul of our business. They are not just empty statements on a website, as Elizabeth Barton our Solutions Specialist explains:

“What makes our values unique is that they’re clear, concise, and they’re not whitewashed.”

“They express real actual values that we ourselves hold. When someone new joins Plexxis, they can see a plaque on the wall which has those values written down, giving them a clear indication of what we hold as important. I think, however, it quickly becomes clear that the more important place those values reside is inside each and every single one of us. There’s not a single person here who doesn’t espouse all of those values,” continues Elizabeth.

I was once asked if there was a value that I could live without using for one day. That was one of the hardest questions I’ve ever had to answer. Every single day, every single one is used by everyone!”

Values that help you innovate and impact lives

A final unexpected outcome of great values is that they empower everyone to do their best work. Grounded in principles of hard work, innovation, team play and truth, our Plexxis superheroes are able to pursue careers and accomplish their daring missions with momentum and meaning.

If we have a good idea or we think of an idea that can actually improve our daily life, we can bring it forward,” says Mike Atkins, Field & Estimating Specialist.

So, what are those core values so alive and thriving at Plexxis? Sanja Milenkovic our Lead Client Care Specialist, sums them up well: 

“We promote positive team spirit. We build open and honest relationships. We mentor each other. We’re always striving to be the best that we can be. We embrace change in a very great way… We truly believe in our core values — and we stand behind them!”

Do you also have strong values that include team play, pursuing innovation, and making a difference?

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