We All Get Better Working Together

R-evolutionary field first features, united with enterprise accounting and financial controls. Mosaic helps PMs achieve impressive margins while giving CPAs the highest levels of data integrity, insight and control.

Customer Spotlight

Plexxis software has increased productivity throughout our office. It has given our officers rapid and accurate access to payroll, receivables and purchases as monies are spent. We have been able to reduce the cost of double entering data, saving time and reducing the ability to log incorrect information into our system.

Our billings have been much more accurate because our managers immediately see their committed costs as the invoices are created. Similarly, paid invoice data is also real time. It is a ‘farm to table’ solution for our business.

The real innovation with Plexxis is that you are working with a partner who is in tune with our industry, that listens to your needs and continues to improve their product based on your feedback and suggestions.

CJ Coakley

Michael Coakley,
Co-President C.J. Coakley Co., Inc.

Material Management with UOMi

Manage quantities from start to completion, from a single spot, with unit of measure intelligence (UOMi). UOMi auto-converts quantity data in bidding, purchasing, relocation and everything in between, so every person can view information in the way they want, without spreadsheets or manual calculations.

Change Order Intelligence (COi)

Designed for rapid change order bid to proposal creation and auto-budget & billing adjustments. COi automates budget variances and AIA billings according to the requirements of each change order status. COi gives the field deep insight into actual exposure while providing accounting the time needed to adjust, approve and update financials.

Field Data Sandbox

A “data-ready” sandbox that collects all job specific man-hours, change order budgets, quantities and production data from the field, making it instantly useful to PM’s, while giving Controllers and CFOs the time needed to make adjustments, finalize data and pay workers.

Cooperative Cost Projection

The superiority of single source design is evident the moment PMs and CFOs see all known quantities, hours, dollars and field issues come together automatically with no effort. Adjusting expected revenue on pending change orders, reviewing historical changes, adjusting cost to complete (and more), are radically simplified, making true cost projection a reality.

Dynamic Workflow

Traditional workflow often brings jobs to a grinding halt for subcontractors as the field requires information to flow up, down, forward, back and all around at any moment, rather than along a defined process. Mosaic’s single source, API-free design, enables dynamic workflow that effectively responds to the spontaneous events that sub-contractors face daily.

Financial Control Compliance

Financial Transaction Controls (FTC) reflects the powerful advantage of a single source solution. Mosaic’s single point of control architecture enables Controllers to assign access and permissions for any person, while injecting checks and balances, post/unpost rules and cut off dates at any stage with no APIs/bridges or extra databases to support.