Super assemblies, power moves and company-wide cooperation

Break free from the segregated silos and inefficiencies of yesterday’s estimating systems. The Mosaic WinBid | DTO solution enables instant bid to budget, tight purchasing protections and bid security. Dispatch drawings with takeoff properties and complete change orders effortlessly.

Customer Spotlight

We chose Plexxis because their solution is made specifically for the trade and they know our business inside and out. They have no other industries to consider as they evolve so everything they do is a benefit to the trade.

Kerr Interiors

Darryl Wiebe
KERR Interior Systems Ltd

Single Source Platform

Maximize the impact of every estimator as they stay connected to all key people. Dispatch current drawings with takeoff properties, instant bid to budget, purchase direct from budgeted materials, pre-con revisions, live change order budget adjustments and more.

Super Assemblies

Assemblies that were traditionally separated can now be combined into single super assemblies. The custom property generator enables unlimited properties such as deck input, deck height, brace height, low hang, top out, and more – all to be used in one powerful assembly.

Power Moves & PDF Import

Import Massive PDF vector drawings 15 – 30 times faster than other systems.
Perform far-reaching global change to bids, the entire estimating department, or the company as a whole, within security parameters, with simple key strokes and clicks while broadcasting mission critical information to the field with next to no effort.

Dynamic Items Database

The “Dynamic Items Database” (DID) enables single item entry to accommodate every size, every supplier and every manufacturer code relating to each item – as well as every unit of measure that each item is calculated in during production.

Dynamic Workflow

Traditional workflow often brings jobs to a grinding halt for subcontractors as the field requires information to flow up, down, forward, back and all around at any moment, rather than along a defined process. Mosaic’s single source, API-free design, enables dynamic workflow that effectively responds to the spontaneous events that sub-contractors face daily.

Security Policies

Estimating data and processes are critical to the lifeline of the company. Oracle security polices enable the world’s highest level of IP protection while simultaneously granting the access to tools every person needs to be the best in what they do.