The industry’s only true material management tool.

Mosaic enables real time quantity budget vs. actual, inclusive of quantities from pending and approved change orders. Achieve brilliant accuracy with budget shortfall and job special price protections, automated quantity conversions and material relocation.

Customer Spotlight

We invested significant time selecting a technology partner that was aligned with our progressive attitude, commitment to excellence and our drive to achieve the highest levels of quality and cost management. Plexxis was, by far, the best choice in the industry.

The Plexxis ERP is the most innovative product in the trade because it offers the integration contractors have sought for decades, yet no provider has been able to deliver.

This integration enabled us to eliminate many systems, spreadsheets and process that took up valuable time while enhancing the integrity and access to our data. The automation of tedious tasks liberated our employees, so they could focus more on the things that matter, while having more time with better information helped all departments perform their best.

In short, the Plexxis ERP enhances our performance with existing customers, strengthens the competitive advantages we have worked so hard to attain, and affords us the time to develop strong relationships with new customers.

Craig Daley,
Daley’s Drywall

Unit Of Measure Intelligence (UOMi)

Manage quantities from start to completion, from a single spot, with unit of measure intelligence (UOMi). UOMi auto-converts quantity data in bidding, purchasing, relocation and everything in between, so every person can view information in the way they want, without spreadsheets or manual calculations.

Inventory Management

Give estimators, warehouse managers and purchasing managers full visibility into inventory levels while tracking all materials as they move between jobs, warehouses, or any other location.

Purchasing Dashboard

Purchase direct from budgeted materials and automatically commit cost to budget at time of PO. Benefit from being able to view live budgeted materials including change orders vs. actual in dollars and quantities. Create simple one-off POs and custom items purchases with material item picker, monitor pricing – all in one spot.

Job Special Pricing

Create material shopping carts from material type picker and shop for best price from multiple vendors. Apply selected pricing to the entire job to ensure proper pricing is always applied without fail.

Purchasing Protection

Set protections to prevent the purchase of materials over budget or to prevent the purchase of materials not in budget. Create notifications to warn of overages or improper POs, or allow for such POs to be processed but tracked to avoid workflow gridlock.

Dynamic Workflow

Traditional workflow often brings jobs to a grinding halt for subcontractors as the field requires information to flow up, down, forward, back and all around at any moment, rather than along a defined process. Mosaic’s single source, API-free design, enables dynamic workflow that effectively responds to the spontaneous events that sub-contractors face daily.