Our Humble Beginning

Years of frustrations in this fragmented industry led a drywall contractor to ask a dairy farmer for help….We’re not kidding.

Our Story in Brief

In 1999, Chris Loranger, a dairy farmer with a love for technology, was helping a Toronto drywall contractor with his computer. The contractor was angry about the fragmented industry and the failure of his software provider to address his needs. After a lengthy conversation, the contractor asked if Chris could build a custom drywall solution. Chris accepted the challenge, enlisted the help of his cousin, Jason Fraser, and Plexxis was born.

Chris and Jay quickly noticed that subcontractors had to rely on inefficient segregated systems and spreadsheets because no single software satisfied their needs. Chris and Jay looked to the best companies in the world, saw that almost all of them were moving towards single source models designed on Oracle Software.

They negotiated an agreement with Oracle, began creating the solution and recruited long-time friends, Jeni Mitchell and Chad Pearson to lead implementations and business development respectively.

Plexxis now has 50 dedicated team members and an elite client advisory group of top performing wall & ceiling contractors who help make Plexxis the most innovative company in the industry.