Plexxis Mosaic: Eliminating gaps in the Construction Industry

Mosaic offers role-specific features designed on a single source, collaborative platform that enables every worker to perform their best.
Mosaic unites the entire company, enabling cross departmental collaboration without any APIs to support or extra databases to maintain.

Customer Spotlight

We invested significant time selecting a technology partner that was aligned with our progressive attitude, commitment to excellence and our drive to achieve the highest levels of quality and cost management. Plexxis was, by far, the best choice in the industry.

The Plexxis ERP is the most innovative product in the trade because it offers the integration contractors have sought for decades, yet no provider has been able to deliver.

This integration enabled us to eliminate many systems, spreadsheets and process that took up valuable time while enhancing the integrity and access to our data. The automation of tedious tasks liberated our employees, so they could focus more on the things that matter, while having more time with better information helped all departments perform their best.

In short, the Plexxis ERP enhances our performance with existing customers, strengthens the competitive advantages we have worked so hard to attain, and affords us the time to develop strong relationships with new customers.

Craig Daley,
Daley’s Drywall

Tangible Mosaic Benefits = Compelling Value

Traditional workflow often brings jobs to a grinding halt for subcontractors as the field requires information to flow up, down, forward, back and all around at any moment, rather than along a defined process. Mosaic’s single source, API-free design, enables dynamic workflow that effectively responds to the spontaneous events that sub-contractors face daily.

The superiority of single source design is evident the moment PMs and CFOs see all known quantities, hours, dollars and field issues come together automatically with no effort. Adjusting expected revenue on pending change orders, reviewing historical changes, adjusting cost to complete (and more), are radically simplified, making true cost projection a reality.

Mosaic enables greater organization cohesion and appeal by creating an environment where the efforts of each person support those to the left, right, above, and below all at the same time, helping everyone’s performance. Strong cohesion also creates a strong appeal to customers and potential employees through elite performance.

A powerful advantage of a single source solution is having a “single point of control” which enables administration to assign access and permissions for any person, in any department, while injecting checks and balances at any stage.

There is a basic software truism: “No matter how hard you try, data in two places will eventually be different.” Never is this more applicable than with the use of more than one software system. As the sole recipient of all data, mosaic’s single source platform eliminates this scenario. Information entered in one location will always be the same.

Training is less complicated when role driven features are made for the trade. And as users evolve, get promoted, or transfer roles, acclimating to the new position is much easier and less costly when the same solution with one “look and feel” is used by the organization.

One software system means one vendor. This prevents the “not my problem” syndrome that occurs when vendors pass their software issues off to other software systems. Instead of wading through a number of sources, one support team, fully dedicated to the trade, handles all your needs.

Single source solutions drastically simplify troubleshooting, maintenance of IT infrastructure, system restoration and back up, as well as disaster recovery. Rather than juggling several systems and databases in several environments, all the APIs and bridges that connect them, Plexxis keeps you operational and agile through the superior infrastructure of single source solutions.

Single source systems are easier to upgrade as integrated systems conflict when one system is updated to an incompatible version. Single source platforms have zero APIs to support and maintain and requires no coordination of versions between systems.

Each system you connect raises the cost of maintaining linkage and the opportunity cost of having linkages prevent you from quickly adapting to change. The mosaic single source platform offers stable, known cost with the most agility in the industry.

In the end, mosaic is all about process control and speed-to-value. The most common point of failure for integrated systems is where it links to other systems and other databases. Single source processes remove clumsy workarounds and band-aid bolt-ons, thus ensuring process controls are adhered to 100% of the time.