The powerful difference of single source information for field & office.

Built on company-wide collective data, Mosaic apps are pre-loaded with key information from every department so the field and office can work as one with no APIs or extra databases to support.

Customer Spotlight

Our company has been using Plexxis Construction Management software for well over a year now. We had been searching for a product that would allow us to consolidate all of our data into a single system; monitor costs at the most detailed level and streamline the transition between estimating and accounting. We had been using On Screen Takeoff with Quick Bid Estimating since their inception and Timberline on the accounting side.

Over the many years using this mix of software, we very quickly identified their weaknesses and before long, the Estimating and Accounting departments had a wish list of all the things we wanted them to do. The steps necessary to move a project from an estimate to actual budgets in Timberline were both cumbersome and time consuming. The data would literally be manually entered. Additionally, there would be the risk of mistakes being made as that data was transferred from Quick Bid to Timberline.

Plexxis software has enabled our office to move budgets from an estimate into accounting by the simple click of a few buttons. The time and cost savings eliminated has been tremendous. The accuracy of the budget information is now unquestioned and our productivity in bids per month has significantly increased.

With our complete database shared between Accounting and Estimating, the ability for our Project Managers to execute Purchase Orders, Change Orders and monitor Job Costs is unparalleled. The reports are live and updated as Accounting initiates input. The Labor and Material items are not only tracked in dollars, the quantities of each brought in from the estimate are tracked against the same items as they are purchased allowing a comprehensive review of costs and amounts of Materials/Labor being used.

The extensive reporting options that are available have allowed us to achieve precise insight into the business units we need in order to be successful in all aspects of our projects. We have a centralized database simultaneously useable by Estimating and Accounting with complete historical data which can be dissected at the individual item level through all completed projects to date.

This software has simply answered all the wish list items we have ever had, streamlined the inner office systems, provided better historical data, improved Estimator productivity and increased our capture percentage of jobs estimated versus bid. All of this has translated into our most profitable year and allowed us to expand without increasing overhead.

Richard Thompson
Unique Building Group

API Free Job Info

Connect field and office with zero APIs or bridges to support. The Job Info app is available to all customers at no charge. Foreman can view key job and employee information, job specific purchase orders and job budget vs actuals in man hours per cost code.

Data-Ready Timecards

Benefit from timecards with pre-loaded job specific codes, area and employee data. The mosaic timecard app enables foreman to track labor the moment they open the app.

Admin & Job Docs

Daily, safety, impact/Issues, materials, equipment, EWAs, RFIs, submittals and more come data-ready so foreman can keep their eyes on the job while satisfying documentation obligations. Job documents, pictures, videos etc. are instantly available to the office.

Organizational Cohesion

Mosaic enables greater organization cohesion and appeal by creating an environment where the efforts of each person support those to the left, right, above, and below all at the same time, helping everyone’s performance. Strong cohesion also creates a strong appeal to customers and potential employees through elite performance.


Facilitate collaboration by making the most current plans (inclusive of takeoff properties) available to the field. This highly responsive app will present game changing, data-ready features never seen before in the industry.


The superiority of single source design is evident the moment PMs and CFOs see all known quantities, hours, dollars and field issues come together automatically with no effort. Adjusting expected revenue on pending change orders, reviewing historical changes, adjusting cost to complete (and more), are radically simplified, making true cost projection a reality.