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Our content experts employ a comprehensive process for implementing the Plexxis mosaic Enterprise Suite – making all the difference between “installed” and your “return on investment”.

Customer Spotlight

Plexxis software has increased productivity throughout our office. It has given our officers rapid and accurate access to payroll, receivables and purchases as monies are spent. We have been able to reduce the cost of double entering data, saving time and reducing the ability to log incorrect information into our system.

Our billings have been much more accurate because our managers immediately see their committed costs as the invoices are created. Similarly, paid invoice data is also real time. It is a ‘farm to table’ solution for our business.

The real innovation with Plexxis is that you are working with a partner who is in tune with our industry, that listens to your needs and continues to improve their product based on your feedback and suggestions.

Michael Coakley,
Co-President C.J. Coakley Co., Inc.

Discovery & assessment.

During our Discovery & Assessment phase, Plexxis content knowledge experts work directly with your team members to identify process, information and functional requirements unique to your business. Factors specific to your organization are clearly defined and become integral to the overall project plan. Accomplishing this prior to commencement, ensures a smoother and more successful transition.

Project roadmap & control.

A detailed project roadmap is created that covers the transition from your current system to the mosaic platform – from start right through to post-implementation support. Your Plexxis Project Leader will review the plan personally, resolve any questions or concerns and then schedule regular project review calls throughout the entire duration of the implementation timetable.

Data preparation & conversion.

A critical phase of each implementation involves collecting and mapping data to be automatically and/or manually created in the mosaic system. Executing a disciplined, quality assurance conversion process in collaboration with our experts ensures a smooth, error-free and less stressful implementation prior to “Go-Live”.

On-site & remote training.

There is simply no replacement for effective, personal training provided by content experts. To leverage the full value of the mosaic Enterprise Suite, initial orientation training is scheduled prior to implementation and is followed up with an on-site trainer who will work with individuals and small groups at your location during the week prior to implementation.

Post implementation support.

Understanding that there will always be a desire for continued learning, questions and follow-up, Plexxis provides a “First Priority” support service for newly implemented customers. As the new system is embraced and comfort increases, customers have access to our team of support experts who will assist with virtually any system-related questions.

Professional services.

Since 1999, Plexxis professionals have gathered deep, first-hand experience in the wall & ceiling trade. Armed with “real world” knowledge gained in working with best-in-class contractors, our Professional Services team members work with organizations to drive high-speed and high performance improvement processes. Enable optimal performance by coupling the Plexxis mosaic Enterprise Suite with process experts.